Resurrection Power Marriage Ministry

Rick & Sandee Lester

Rick and Sandee Lester bring their unique experience of moving around the world with the Air Force and counseling couples along the way into their ministry. Their program addresses the issues they have discovered to cause the most problems in marriage. When applied with Biblical truths, these problems can be resolved through the Word of God. Rick and Sandee have a passion to reach out to a world where the institution of marriage is in serious trouble.

The foundation of the traditional family is being devastated by divorce. This devastation has been a major cause of the moral decay in our country. Rick and Sandee desire to strengthen marriages while encouraging a deeper relationship with God. Through His power, made available to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, marriages can be healed. God is an integral part of every successful marriage, of every successful society. Rick and Sandee believe that by reinforcing the importance of marriage, we will see the return of morality and integrity in our culture.

Go to to learn about the vision for "Resurrection Acres" - RPM Ministry's future marriage retreat!

For more information, or to purchase the book online, go to:

Please check out Sandee's blog at On it, she posts articles bi-weekly that relate to marriage. You can add comments or ask any questions you would like addressed.

Audio/Visual Links:
  • Listen to Sandee's radio interview on Truth Talk Radio (click play in the audio player above)
  • View a video of Rick and Sandee giving an introduction to their marriage seminar.
  • Listen to an audio recording from one of Rick and Sandee's marriage seminars.

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